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Active Pet Partners: Melanie Haigood and Bonnie.

Active Pet Partners: Abby Chestnut and Vincent.

Pictures from Pet Partner testing.

Marcia Lane & Onyx

Barbara Kadinger & Kash

Alexis Orrell Jones & Dorsey

Willie and Katie from Summerville


Hello! I wanted to pass along that we lost our sweet Willie earlier this month. He had turned 15 last August. My daughter Katie was 11 years old when they became a team with Compassionate Paws. That opportunity definitely helped direct her life path. She is a great dog handler and being able to participate with CP strengthened that skill. Katie will receive her first bachelors in psychology this spring and is working on a second bachelors with a minor before she graduates undergrad and moves on to graduate school. She works with a program at school that serves students with disabilities of all types and has become an advocate all the way to the capitol for post secondary education for adults with disabilities. I have no doubt that participating with CP really opened up a lot of doors for her. Willie was an amazing partner and we appreciate the support and opportunity we had participating with CP. thank you all!


She also sent some nice pictures of Willie and Willie and Katie. You can see it all on the messages at the C Paws Facebook page.

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Cathy and Elric

D’Ann and Ayla

Abby and Oliver

Mary Ann Paulowski and Jill

Laurie and Mr. T

Megan Bridges and Squiggles

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