Minako Fukui and Chester

Chester and I have been a Pet Partner Team since October of 2020 when we joined Compassionate Paws. Chester is a mixed breed, a true Heinz 57! He has a laid back personality and does not mind people petting him. Chester and I like to visit nursing home settings. 




Virginia Hunter and Zoe

Zoe is a Coton de Tulear and is perfect for Compassionate Paws. She loves everyone and thinks everyone should love her. When I get her harness out to go on a visit, she gets so excited! We have gone to Floyd Medical and Winthrop Court on our visits in the past. We have been a Pet Partner since 2017.


Rany Logan and Buster, Fiona, & Teddy

Rany Logan has been active with Compassionate Paws since 2008 and has four Pet Partners. Fiona has been active since 2016, Buster he also has been active since 2014 and Teddy since 2016.Tucker is the rookie he started in 2019. All are Floyd Medical Center volunteer dogs and Fiona is the hit of the hospital she is extremely social.


Chasity Oakes and Brody

Brody is a rescued Catahoula Leopard Dog. We have been a Pet Partner Team since 2018 and received our                  Animal-Assisted Crisis Response Team (AACR) Badge in December is 2019. Brody makes a great therapy dog because he is very patient and tolerant. He loves kids and seems to know when they need a little extra attention. Prior to the pandemic he served at church with the young kids every week.


Alexis Sapp and Dorsey

My name is Alexis Sapp and my Pet Partner is Dorsey, a Doberman Pincher.  We have been an accredited team with Compassionate Paws since June of 2018. I think Dorsey makes a great Pet Partner because she is so affectionate in general and is teaching people what a wonderful breed she is for therapy work. People first meeting her often make the comment to me that they didn’t realize “dogs like her” are allowed to do therapy work. She quickly wins them over by climbing into their laps! Dorsey and I particularly like working with all types and ages of children as she has been raised with 2 human siblings. She also makes therapy visits to hospitals, college campuses and nursing homes. 

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Misty Rigas and Louis

Our names are Misty and Louis Rigas.  Louis is a Silver Standard Poodle.  Louis and I have been involved with Compassionate Paws since February of 2020.  We have loved our time as Pet Partners because it has allowed us to bring joy to others in hospitals and nursing homes.  We are also a certified Animal-Assisted Crisis Response Team (AACR).  I think Louis makes a great pet partner because of his love of people, his sweet and loving personality, and his ability to bring joy to others.  I am blessed to have him by my side and call him my partner. 

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Cathy Varidel and Sparrow

Member of CPaws since inception in 2007.  First dogs were Elric and Jenna, then Gryphon from 2011 through end of 2017 and Max 2011 through 2014 (Chinese Crested), now since 1/2018 is Sparrow.  All but Max are Rottweilers.  Gryphon and Sparrow have served as Read With Me dogs at Glenwood Primary School since 2011 until the pandemic this year.  In addition we have always been extremely active in public relations events (Health and Volunteer Expos, Trunk or Treat, College DeStress events, Charity walks and events such as NAMI and Autism Awareness.  Gryphon and Sparrow have each participated in the St. Peter's Children's Christmas Pageant numerous years.

I have always been a board member,or VP, Event Coordinator, Read With Me Chairman 

More of our Pet Partner Teams,

               Jessica with Pepper

                  Lisa with Happy

                Marcia with Onyx

               Megan with Squiggles

              Mary Ann with Bailey                               Rany and Tucker


Sarah with Belle
Angel with Rex
Bonnie with Oliver and Quincy
Melanie with Bonnie

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Lisa Callahan and Happy.JPG
Jessica Callahan and Pepper.JPG
Sarah Naff and Belle a.JPG
Angel Peugh and Rex a.JPG
Megan Bridges and Squiggles.jpg
Marcia Lane and Onyx 2.jpg
Melanie Haigood and Bonnie.jpg
Schroeder, Bonnie.jpg
Jennifer Singleton and Laika (2).JPG
Becky Lawrence and Rosie (2).JPG

Becky with Rosie

Genn with Laika

Carol with Koda      Carol with Dory and Destiny    Melanie with Buttercup