Compassionate PAWS, Inc. would like to thank the generous supporters who recognize the gift of the human-animal bond. 

                                  " Leader of the Pack" $1000 and up                               D’Ann Downey & Randy Warley

Doc Ayers/Ray Beck Community Foundation

Linda & Sid Blankenship

Vicki Miller

Douglasville Rotary Club

Claws for Paws

Rome/Floyd County Commission on Children & Youth

Joyce and Richard Roberts

                                "Pick of the Litter" $500 and up                              Melody & Sam Sooper

Olivia & Mort Gutoff

Karen Davis

Mary & Jim Bolin

Good Shepherd Animal Refuge, Inc.

Randy and Sylvia Eidson

EldsonHull Properties

                                   "Angel Paws" $250 and up                                      Children of St. Peter's Vacation Bible School 2015 & 2016

Sydney Weaver by Dorenda and Lamar Weaver  

Hull Property Group

Drs. Jeanne Street & Clif Dopson

Kroger Rewards Program

Virginia and Jay Wood

Nancy Hunter

                                       "Loving Paws" $100 and up                                   R. Michael Owens

Floyd-Polk-Chattooga Medical Alliance

Demi and Kevin Doyle

Kathryn Lynn Patrick

Martha and Jo Boteler

Kathy and Tom Stewart

Cyndy Douan

James and Susan Heard

                                             "Healing Paws"                                                                                                        











































Anonymous donor

Marty & Janet Boyd

Bonnie Beardsley

Anna Wimberly Goddard

Laura Jones

Devon Smyth

Sue Lagermann

Mary Scarlett Anderson

Kay McGivaren

Lucy McMillian

Linda Jennings

Shelly Miller

David Strain

JoAnn Lawler

Deena Marcellus

Kandy Hyde

John Rivest

Beverly Warley

Betsy Mandel-Carley

David Laser

Joel and Lynn Todino

Sue Lagermann

Marsha Dempsey

Roz and Gary Batchelor

Margaret and Sabrina Chin

Ashley Demonbreun-Chapman

Kathy Benson

Sara Henry

Dr. Frank Harbin

Kylee Godfrey

Colleen Adams

Shelly Peller

Margaret and Michael Alexander

Jan Greene

Leanette and Doug Spencer

Besty Mandel-Carley

Gerry and Ralph Jackson

Rita Hopper

Janice and Paul Carter

Becky and Craig Smith

Heather Henderson


Barbara McCollum

Roger and Sandra McCrickard

Gifts in Kind……                               

John Husser, P.C.

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church

Leigh Callan

Lucas Jennings

Sarah Husser

Monika Wesolowski

Kate Adornato


Buddy Arnold


Holly Moore

Judy Colvin

Meagan Keating

Bryant Steele

V3 Magazine

Heritage First Bank

Ryan Earnest

Rehobeth Baptist Church

Schnauzer and Friends

Laurie Angel

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

Lamar Advertising of Rome

Brian Armstrong

Judy & Don Howerton

Rev. Mark McLendon

Rome News-Tribune

Diggin It

Mecca Fox and Joan Bourgeois

Animal Medical Center of Rome

Dr. Melissa Edwards

Pet Connection

Lisa Callahan

Northwest Georgia Living Magazine

Schnauzers and Friends

Angel Express

JaKenzie Grogan



A special thank you to the following donors who remember the special spirit of an animal or person who touched their lives by contributing to Compassionate PAWS, Inc.

In Honor of.....

John Scott Husser, Jr. by The Lavengoods' and Max

Dr. Richard Dixon by Lynn and Joel Todino

Laurie Angel by Noaleen Ingalsbe

D'Ann Downey by Noaleen Ingalsbe

D'Ann Downey by Besty Mandel-Carley

D'Ann Downey by Craig and Becky Smith

D'Ann Downey and Randy Warley by Mary and Jim Bolin

D'Ann Downey and Randy Warley by J. Bryant Steele

Curt Reidy by Sylvia and Randy Eidson

Linda Blankenship by D'Ann Downey

In Memory of…..

Danny Harris by New Romans Club

Danny Harris by Helene and Richard Carman

Danny Lee Harris by Louise Horner

Randy Anderson by Leigh Callan

Timothy McGlotha by D'Ann Downey and Randy Warley

Janey Jones by Marian Shaw

George Griffin by D'Ann Downey and Randy Warley

Ron Raines by D'Ann Downey and Randy Warley

Margaret Roberts by Joyce and Richard Roberts

Vann Angel by Carol Richardson

Gryphon Varidel by Compassionate Paws Board

Megan Talley Blankenship by: Lisa and Barry Callahan, Carol Richardson, Laurie Angel, D’Ann Downey, Randy Warley, 

Jane Cunningham, Bonnie Schroeder, Compassionate Paws Board Members (Jan Greene, John Rivest, Judy Colvin, Marie Connelly)

Olivia Warley Gutoff by Melody and Sam Soopper

Bobbie Mixon by D'Ann Downey and Randy Warley

Juby Wittenburg by D'Ann Downey and Randy Warley

Robert Hopper by John and Barbara Beninato

Robert Hopper by D'Ann Downey and Randy Warley

Marsha Dempsey in honor of Tony and Barbara Triplitt 


In Memory of Companion Animals…..

Pete Lagermann by Sue Lagermann

Dundee Rivest by John Rivest

Callie LaBarre by Jo Heyman

Milo Wright by Lynne Moosberg

Miles Black (former Pet Partner of Jenna Black) by Compassionate Paws, Inc.

Mozart Guyatt (former Pet Partner of Alan Guyatt) by Compassionate Paws, Inc.

Dutchess Griffin (former Pet Partner of Nancy Griffin) by Compassionate Paws, Inc.

LSC Rivest by Lynne Moosberg
Bucky McMillian by Lucy and Ruel McMillian

Lloyd Van Meter by Lynne and Larry Moosberg

Nick Hamrick by D'Ann Downey and Randy Warley

Jack Street Dopson by D'Ann Downey and Randy Warley

Hogan Todino by Lynn and Joel Todino

Alex Lockley by David Strain

Dixie Osborn by Jan and Jim Osborn

Madison Callan by D'Ann Downey and Randy Warley

Ayla Downey Warley by Leigh Callan

Ayla Downey Warley by Lynn, Donnie, Mary Grace and Cora Denson

Madison Callan by Lynn, Donnie, Mary Grace and Cora Denson

Ayla Downey Warley by D'Ann Downey and Randy Warley

Rush Mixon Harbin by D'Ann Downey and Randy Warley

Hillary Harbin by D'Ann Downey and Randy Warley

Moo-Moo Harbin by D'Ann Downey and Randy Warley

Lenny Harbin by D'Ann Downey and Randy Warley

Bobby Rush Harbin by D'Ann Downey and Randy Warley

Daisy Harbin by D'Ann Downey and Randy Warley

Ozzie Dopson by D'Ann Downey and Randy Warley

Sinatra Downey by D'Ann Downey and Randy Warley

Angel Reidy by Curt and Tracey Reidy

Annie Bolin by D'Ann Downey and Randy Warley

Bailey Logan by Stayce, Molly and Melissa Hudson

Zeus Moore by D'Ann Downey and Randy Warley

Tom Terrific Rivest by John Rivest

Bailey Downey Warley and Noah Downey Warley by Gary and Rosalind Batchelor

Bailey Downey Warley by D'Ann Downey and Randy Warley

Bailey Downey Warley by Linda and Sid Blankenship

Noah Downey Warley by D'Ann Downey and Randy Warley

Noah Downey Warley by Linda and Sid Blankenship

Bailey Downey Warley by Bryant Steele